Finally up and running with our blog posts after some technical hitches! Be prepared for some mega blogging of our year so far!!

Our Rights P7C

We looked at the articles in the #UNCRC and talked about how important our rights are to us. We have signed a class charter to say that we understand that the rights are shared, universal, indivisible and inalienable.

Leading the Learning-football

Kris, Murray and Fraser certainly have the potential to become football trainers in the future! They led a very well-structure football lesson that revolved around learning skills suitable for different ability levels. We had our own mini World Cup games and unfortunately Miss Rogerson’s team lost by a goal in extra time, scored by the very talented Kris Kent! It’s no wonder Ireland didn’t make it to the world cup this year..

Clean Air Day

A truly inspiring and amazing event on Thursday as 99 of our fabulous P6s headed down through the Meadows to the Mound to celebrate and raise awareness for Clean Air Day. The Mound and George Street were closed to traffic and P6s met with councillors for the city who were delighted, amazed and fascinated by the children and their fantastic chanting and marching through Edinburgh to promote to importance of active travel and air pollution on the longest day of the year.

P6 have worked incredibly hard toward the end of term learning about pollutants in our air and the importance of lowering pollution levels in Scotland and across the globe.

What a fine example of ‘Year of Young People’ and of the future generations leading such important activism.

Leading the Learning

We have been extremely lucky this past week to have members of the class leading one another with their own lessons. From sign language to drama with the history of Lego thrown in as well. It has been fantastic to see the children so engaged in planning and carrying out lessons and the enthusiasm of those being taught. Looking forward to the final lessons to come in our final week of P6C!

Seconds From Disaster

P6C enjoyed a wonderful week of trips starting off at the Museum to learn about the 1995 and 97 Volcanic eruptions on Monserrat. The children were given roles as Government, Scientists and members of the public and used their knowledge and evidence provided to work out the best solution for when a natural disaster occurs!IMG_0530IMG_0532IMG_0539IMG_0542IMG_0543IMG_0547IMG_0551IMG_0552IMG_0554IMG_0556