Evacuee Suitcases

Congratulations to the primary seven pupils and their families on these fantastic replica evacuation suitcases, packed full of interesting objects and thoughtful details. Original? No. Authentic? Absolutely!

Natalia‚Äôs WW2 primary source… A sword!

Don’t panic, Natalia’s grandfather’s WW2 weapon has been glued inside its case. But we could all still have a hold to feel how heavy it is! Okay for a few seconds, but to carry this along with all the other gear he would have needed as a soldier would have been a struggle. Thank you to Natalia and her family for sharing an exciting primary source!

The Great WW2 Bake Off!

Thank you to our VIP guest, Mr Wright, for judging the very splendid rationing recipes in our grand final!

The highest scoring entry was Carys’ Irish soda bread, with over 90 points!

But sweet toothed Mr Wright selected an eggless sponge by Fraser and a pancake cake by Laila as his joint winners!

A big well done to all of our bakers. And a huge thank you to all of the families for supporting!