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Jupiter Artland

Today we had a lovely day exploring Jupiter Artland and the sculptures within the grounds. We spent the first half of the day foraging for materials and creating our own temporary sculptures a la Andy Goldsworthy. Then the second part of the day was spent further exploring the grounds, specifically the hills!

Special thanks to Suzie’s and Danniel’s mum who very kindly accompanied us.

Congratulations to our budding ballerina, Ailsa

HUGE congratulations to Ailsa Marshall who was accepted into Scottish Ballet’s Junior Associate Programme for 2018-19.

Ailsa will be attending their Glasgow school once a month on a Sunday, which is a huge achievement as hundreds of children apply each year for the few places available.

We are all extremely proud and very impressed. We can’t wait to hear all about it next year. Good luck, Ailsa.



After having added the finishing touches to their volcanoes (including some model trees and dinosaurs), the groups used their selected resources (either coke and mentos or vinegar and bicarbonate of soda) to bring about a volcanic eruption. The children observed the different reactions and discussed which worked best and why.

The children designed and constructed the volcano all by themselves- I couldn’t have done any better myself!

Very impressive, 6B. A perfect example of how well you all work with one another. 👏🏻

Ricky Mundy: Everest ascent

A huge thank you to Ricky Mundy who came to speak to P6 today about his recent ascent of Mount Everest. Due to several factors, Ricky had to abandon his first attempt not far from the summit but after identifying what went wrong, he made adjustments and successfully reached the summit earlier this year. Ricky spoke about the importance of learning from mistakes and about working hard to achieve your dream. It was a very inspirational talk and incredibly thought provoking. We were all very impressed and thoroughly enjoyed his visit.

Thanks also to Niamh and Ellie’s Dad for helping us to arrange Ricky’s visit.

He gave a very inspirational talk about how we

Magnificent model building in P6B

It’s all about volcanoes this week in P6B. The children have taken charge and have planned, resourced and begun to construct what we hope will be an exploding volcano. The kids have worked wonderfully together and their models are looking fantastic thus far.

Of course no art lesson is complete without a pot of water being spilled all over the table!!!

Maths fun in 6B

Today in P6B we learned to classify angles. We are now able to identify right angles, straight angles, acute angles and obtuse angles and have had more practice measuring angles with a protractor.

Being able to write on the tables (shhh! Don’t tell Mrs Noble) was described by one member of the class as ‘a once in a lifetime opportunity’, so as you can imagine, it was all very exciting! 😂

Super maths work, kiddies. Well done. 👏🏻

Coordinates al fresco

We’re taking advantage of the gorgeous weather at the moment and decided to take our coordinates lesson outside. We were reminding ourselves of what we know by playing a game of connect four… with human counters!

Meadows Mayhem

Congrats to P6B who did brilliantly in the meadows; those weekly miles are really paying off. You should all be very proud of your efforts.

Thank you Mrs Christie and the sevens for organising and parents for supporting 🤩

P6B Class Economy

6B had a fab time spending their hard-earned money during our class economy afternoon on Thursday. They planned, organised and resourced the whole thing themselves and did a truly fantastic job.

So impressive kiddies. Well done 👏🏻