Month: February 2019

Gie me a Haggis!

Thank you so very much to Mr Macsween (a.k.a. Charlie’s dad) for coming in to P7 to share the rather splendid beast, the haggis!

The address was made (thanks Charlie, Daniel and Wenda!) and the haggis was devoured eagerly along with some neeps and tatties.

Interest levels in Mr Macsween’s business at the Q and A was high!There are a few entrepreneurs waiting in the wings to be Scotland’s next big thing for sure.


As P7a were discussing the origins and meaning of the word ‘percent’ – cents, century, centurion, centimetre, centipede… a wee centipede appeared crawling across the classroom. Thankfully, hawk-eyed Natalia spotted him and performed a rescue operation before releasing the wee beastie into the playground.