Month: May 2018

Magnificent model building in P6B

It’s all about volcanoes this week in P6B. The children have taken charge and have planned, resourced and begun to construct what we hope will be an exploding volcano. The kids have worked wonderfully together and their models are looking fantastic thus far.

Of course no art lesson is complete without a pot of water being spilled all over the table!!!

Violent Volcanoes P6A

What a busy day it has been! We spent our afternoon constructing volcanoes that we will use to investigate chemical reactions when they erupt. It has been a very messy but enjoyable day…heres a sneak peek at our 3D volcano models.

One group even added a side vent on their volcano to view the reaction inside the volcano from-how clever!

We will keep you updated on our volcanic eruptions.

Maths fun in 6B

Today in P6B we learned to classify angles. We are now able to identify right angles, straight angles, acute angles and obtuse angles and have had more practice measuring angles with a protractor.

Being able to write on the tables (shhh! Don’t tell Mrs Noble) was described by one member of the class as ‘a once in a lifetime opportunity’, so as you can imagine, it was all very exciting! 😂

Super maths work, kiddies. Well done. 👏🏻

P6 Games @ The Hub

  1. 30 Primary 6 pupils took to the field/court/pitch yesterday for Games @ The Hub! Primary schools from across the city took part in a variety of sports. Sciennes had teams in Cricket, Rugby and Volleyball. All who attended were a fabulous credit to the school: polite, gracious in defeat and victory and with fantastic positive attitudes supporting one another throughout. Special congratulations to the Cricket team who came through 60 runs to 57 against James Gillespie’s Primary in the final, retaining the Cricket shield won last year by the current P7 year group!

Special thanks go to Hannah K’s and David’s mum who were coaching the Volleyball and Rugby teams!

Seconds from Disaster P6A

Yesterday we spent our morning at the Museum for ‘Volcanoes: Seconds from Disaster’ workshop, linking to our topic work studying the impact of natural disasters on people and the environment. We were all given a specific role as a scientist, member of government or a member of the public to assume. Then we had to investigate and discuss what our plan of action would be in preparation for a volcanic eruption. Thankfully, our members of government took the scientists advice and evacuated the members of public in time!

Coordinates al fresco

We’re taking advantage of the gorgeous weather at the moment and decided to take our coordinates lesson outside. We were reminding ourselves of what we know by playing a game of connect four… with human counters!

Relax Kids

Thank you to Mrs Anderson for coming into our class yesterday to do a relax kids session. We learned about the importance of sleep, how to wake up our brains and we made bead bracelets that can be used as part of our mindful breathing exercises! The kids loved it!