Maths Zoo Tycoon project

P6A have been busy this week consolidating their knowledge of multiplication to find the area of 2D and compound shapes.

We began our measurement project ‘Zoo Tycoon’ as a problem solving task, the kids were given the area or perimeter of an animal’s enclosure which they had to design using their multiplication facts to ensure their enclosures were the correct size for each animal. They also learned to design compound shapes and parallelograms when given the area, and to find the missing length when given the area and the other side’s length. e.g. Area=54m2 Length=9m Width=? the children used related facts 9X6=54, 54÷9=6 to solve the Width (6m)

We used ipads to research the preferred terrain for an animal to design the enclosures, see if can you find Godzilla’s enclosure!

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