A week at Benmore

Over the past couple of weeks P6B have been working very hard on their recounts. The kids put so much effort into writing them that I felt it necessary to share an example with you, which some of the kids kindly typed up on an iPad for me. I wish that we had time to share snippets of everybody’s work but hopefully you will get a chance to read through them in a couple of weeks at parents evening, because they really are wonderful.


I was very excited about going to Benmore . When I was getting ready to go,I wanted it to be Monday.The point of going away for the week was to mix up with all of the classes,and to make new friends.

When I woke up,I was buzzing with excitement.As I registered my tummy was tingling.I knew I was going to love being away from my singing sister . All the classes got on the brilliant bus that took us to beautiful Benmore . Two hours later we were getting off the bus ;we were there .I rushed off the bus to grab a bag and went straight to the dining room.The Benmore staff kindly welcomed us in. Amazingly me and my friend Ailsa got put in the same group with :Eliza, Hannah, Tom ,Daniel ,Natalia, Caris ,Sean and Jack. Our instructor,Tom,took us on a tour around the building area. Later we did our beds and unpacked our bags . Next was the night walk,we held a rope to the finish.

By Phoebe


On Tuesday I was woken in 6:50 by Louis Oscar and Hugo chatting.So I joined in.Today I did gorgewalking and cycling.For the gorgwalk I was SO SO SO SO cold that I even fell into a mini pool!But I was surprised that my inside clothes were dry but my socks weren’t as lucky.We also had to go through a small hole with water slapping us in the face called the keyhole.But cycling was my 2nd favourite.Because we got hot chocolate,rode through Narnia,got to learn to skip stones,admired the view and did some races.For the night activity me and my group which had Louis,Wenda,Charlie and Sean had to find stuff like leaves and stones and make something out of it but for most of it we ran through the bog screamingBOG ALERT!And the puddles were so deep that Wenda even fell in and the water went up to his body and he is very tall!After that we went to our dooroom and chatted for a bit and then went to bed.

By Aidan


It was Wednesday and I was ready to go to the gorge! We went into the drying room to put on our waterproofs and I took ages because someone had put mine in a corner on the other side of the room! I finally got on the minibus and Alistair put on the radio and said:” DJ Alistair is in the house!” It was so funny! We got to the gorge and we had to scramble through the undergrowth and along rocks! We had to go over a log that was over water and I helped everyone across! I had just got over the log to see Ms Mcgrouther go through the keyhole! Next we had to use a rope to climb up a massive rock. I fell and hit my shoulder off a rock and it hurt a lot! When everybody got up it was time to go back to the centre. We got back just in time for lunch. After lunch we got ready for a forest adventure. Paul showed us a tiny tunnel and I went through it! Alistair then showed us we could eat clovers! Then we sat down and had hot chocolate and everyone voted for me to get extra hot chocolate first! Later our class went to the tuck shop to get sweets🍫🍬! We then did a quiz around the centre which was so fun! Three days down one to go!

By Sean M😎😎


My favourite day at Benmore was Thursday. I liked Thursday because it was the most fun and everyone was so enthusiastic because it was the last day at Benmore. After breakfast we always did our morning duties and then we would get a room inspection. After that we would go to the common room to find out what we were doing, my group was doing foresting and biking. When we went foresting we got to build a fire and have hot chocolate AND roast marshmallows!! We just climbed back down the hill towards the centre. I think that foresting was my favourite on Thursday. The biking was still good though. We came back for lunch and everyone in my group was excited for the biking. We cycled through a stream, and I got stuck because I didn’t go fast enough through it. After the stream we went through a forest which our in instructor called the narnia forest.We also stopped at a stream and had cosy juice(warm juice) and skimmed stones. The highest score I got on skimming stones was two.When we came back to the centre we had cake! I was quite sad that all the activities were over but I was looking forward to going home.Then we had some free time and after free time it was dinner which was the best dinner all week (pizza and chips and chocolate cake!) after dinner we got ready for the……DISCO!!!!! I loved all the songs and dances!The disco was so much fun! Every one had a great time even though it was a bit too much for some people. We just went to bed after that. I loved Thursday, it was jam packed with lots of fun, and games! Benmore was the best experience ever and I absolutely loved it! Benmore is a great learning opportunity for those who don’t get to do this sort of stuff very often.

By Caela


I had a very good sleep because I usually wake up at 7:00am and I woke up at 7:45am which is quite close to my record which is 8:30am. In the morning we had a lovely breakfast which was crossiant and jam. It was so yummy that it made me want to have 15 crossiants because they were so yummy. When I was just about to go on the bus back to school I felt quite sad that we had to leave Benmore, but when we arrived back at school I felt very happy to be back at home. My family was so happy to see me back at home. I was happy to be home as well.

Benmore was a great experience for me because you try lots of fun and new things.

Benmore is the best.

I felt amazing at Benmore because I will remember this for my whole life.

By Dylan


Eventually it was time to leave Benmore and I personally loved the experience and I will remember it for the rest of my life. I learnt to make new friends and to be independent with making rooms tidy. I was excited to leave but I was also sad that we were leaving, it was a great time.

By Louis


When I woke up on Friday morning, I had mixed emotions about leaving. On one hand, I was super tired and wanted to see my family again, but on the other hand I had so much fun at Benmore, and everyone there was so nice, but I knew that all good things come to an end. Benmore was an absolutely amazing experience and now I’m looking forward to Lagganlia!

By William




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