Month: February 2018

Emotion Talks

P6 have been using the animated film ‘Inside Out’ as a resource to help explore emotions and reflect upon some of the emotions they felt during their week at Benmore. The children drew a memory of fear, sadness and joy and discussed the body sensations (e.g. sweaty palms from nerves) and thoughts they had during each memory. P6A also looked at intensity of emotions, first we painted varying shades of an emotion colour. Then we talked in groups about different words we could use for anger, joy, sadness, fear and disgust and put them in order of intensity and wrote them onto our ‘shades of emotions cards we painted. We are looking forward to doing more emotion talks work based on Inside Out, especially creating our own personality islands!

Outdoor maths!

P6C took advantage of a lovely sunny February afternoon by taking their maths outside. Using metre sticks and rulers the class worked in groups to find out the different lengths, widths and area size of their playground!

La Comida

This week P6B have been using authentic Spanish materials to explore the vocabulary related to food.

We began by looking at menus for Spanish restaurants and used our knowledge of English to try to work out some of the vocabulary. Then we looked at a couple of Spanish recipes and tried to figure out what some of the instructions might be.

Yesterday we played a quick game of 1 dice 1 pencil, which required the children to race a partner to look up 8 words in the dictionary, the catch being that they could only do so when in possession of the pencil. Rolling a ‘tres’ ensured the dice and pencil continued to change hands quickly!

Tam O’Shanter Shoeboxed

Here are P6C’s fabulous shoebox recreation of Tam O’Shanter. Truly outstanding imagination and use of resources.

Scenes include Tam getting fou an unco happy, treading through Alloway’s woodlands on his trusted mair Meg, Tam watching the Warlocks and Witches, “Weel done Cutty Sark” and of course the dash towards running water!

Mr H

P6A Tam O Shanter

As part of our Scotland topic this term we’ve been studying Robert Burns and looking in detail at his famous poem ‘Tam o Shanter’. The children translated a section of the poem each, researched the meaning of the ‘scots words’ used, and then retold the story of the character Tam O Shanter by creating scenes to represent the different events throughout the poem. The children also did a fantastic job learning and reciting (and even singing!) one of Robert Burns poems. It was a very difficult job to choose only two finalists when so many had put in a tremendous effort. Congratulations to Natalia and Eilidh who were chosen as finalists based on their extremely well rehearsed and dramatic portrayals of ‘Tam o Shanter’ and ‘A Red, Red Rose’