Los colores y mi familia

Over the past few weeks P6B have been practising lots of Spanish. We have been focusing on the vocabulary needed to identify family members as well as consolidating our knowledge of the colours.

Here’s an example of some of the activities that we have been doing.

  • We used the parachute to play a colour version of fruit salad
  • We used dictionaries to find and explore new words and write short sentences
  • We used Kahoot- an app that lets us compete against each other in a quiz
  • We talked about the members of our family and drew a family tree
  • We played happy families using lots of different vocabulary

Special thanks to our resident Spanish speaker, Alba, who keeps us all on the right track and corrects my mistakes for me!! 😄 Muchas gracias, Alba.

< img src=”https://sciennesprimarysix.files.wordpress.com/2017/12/img_2312-1.jpg&#8221; height=”2048″ class=”wp-image-3558″ width=”1536″>

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