Month: November 2017

P6 at Edinburgh Zoo

A collection of photos from our fantastic trip to Edinburgh Zoo! A wonderful learning experience and great for the children to explore the cycle of life with some of Edinburgh’s more exotic animals!

Special thanks to the fantastic education department at Edinburgh Zoo who made our trip a highly informative and rewarding trip.



A sunny Friday mile for P6

A couple of photos from today’s mile. Many of the children continue to improve their fitness, with many able to complete the mile without stopping. Hurrah! It’s also so lovely to see the children who finish quickly cheering on their peers at the finish line. Well done kiddies- we’re all very proud of your efforts and your positive attitudes. 😀

Monkeying around at Edinburgh Zoo!

Today Primary 6 had a brilliant time at Edinburgh zoo learning all about animal lifecycles as part of our Living and Growing topic.

To start with we visited a couple of different animals and were taught many fascinating facts about the ways in which different animals find a mate, gestation periods and the ways which different animals look after their young. Did you know that an elephant carries her baby for 22 months?! 😳

After the tour we regrouped in the lecture theatre, where we learned about the differences between male and female animals and the changes they go through during puberty. We also saw some pictures of an elephant growing in the womb and watched a video of it being born- interesting stuff!

The afternoon was spent exploring the rest of the animals in the zoo, including the giant pandas. Our faves were definitely the wee monkeys who kept us entertained for ages! We now have a new found understanding of why mischievous behaviour is often likened to monkeys! 🐒

A big thanks to all of the education staff at the zoo whose knowledge of the different animals was fabulous. We really enjoyed our visit and learned loads. Thanks also to the parent helpers. We very much appreciate you giving up your time to help us keep an eye on the troops! 😀

Cycle of Life zoo trip

It was a very busy day at Edinburgh zoo for primary 6, we began our Living and Growing topic by looking at animal reproduction. The kids were introduced to Bertus the rhino, a family of Gibbons, Drills, Giant Pandas and many many penguins! A fun day was had by all exploring the zoo