Month: November 2017

Make £5 Grow

Today in P6B we had lots of fun counting our pennies. We repaid our debts and calculated our profits.

The Snowman Gang made a profit of £114.91

Team Penguin made a profit of £125.45

Treasure in the Box made a profit of £68.85

Congratulations to each of the teams. You worked brilliantly together and were fantastic on the day of the fair. Collectively we made £309.21. Hurrah!!

Fair Winners

Massive congratulations to Jaiyi Arthur Fan in P2a who correctly guessed the giant penguin’s birthday- 20 November. The date was picked out of a hat this morning and the penguin was delivered to a very delighted Jaiyi!

Congratulations also to Olive Deazley in P4C who won the sweeties in a jar with a guess of 187. The actual number of sweets was 193- so close Olive!!

Finally, well done to Abraham in P6A who correctly guessed the name of the Fair Bear aka Rodrigo!!

Well done everybody. We really appreciate all your support, sorry we didn’t have more penguins and bears to go around!


Thank you!

A big thank you to all of the sixes who were able to come and help out at their stalls today. All three classes did a fantastic job and should be really proud of themselves. We look forward to counting all of the pennies, repaying our debts and working out our profits in maths on Monday.

Thanks to all of the pupils and families who came to support the sixes at their stalls and a big thanks also to the P6B parents who were able to help out.

I only managed two photos but hopefully most people managed to come and experience the fun in person!!

**The penguin and sweetie jar winners will be announced ASAP on Monday**

Fair’s Fair video

Halfway through our search to find out “What is fairness?” I think the reaction of Sean, Machlan etc towards end shows just how difficult and thought provoking it is to think exactly what is fairness?

“What is fairness?”

“Fairness is where nobody is above anyone else.”

“So you can’t a manager (teacher?)”

*Cue groans around the room!

After our workshop I was told “Mr Hutchison, in class economy it’s not really fair that people get paid different amounts for different jobs so you should really make it more fair?!”

A question I’m still trying to find the answer to…

P6C Fair’s Fair

On Wednesday P6C were fortunate enough to attend “Fair’s fair” dramatic enquiry by Glasgow Film Theatre hosted at Codebase. The class were high councillors of a fictional society and were learning about what is fairness (a surprisingly difficult term to define!) we were solving tricky problems presented to the society and finally tasked with the best way to integrate 3 different fictional countries looking at freedom of movement, supporting the needs of less fortunate and distribution of land. A fantastically engaging, thought-provoking and frankly, mind-boggling activity for children and adults alike!

Thanks to Ms Gallagher for organising the workshop, Glasgow Film Theatre for their fantastic enquiry and of course to the children whose relentless search to solve these problems were inspirational to witness!

Well done P6!

A very proud Mr Hutchison!

Come to find some treasure in the slime-filled box!!

Come to our stall at the Christmas fair on the 25th of November at Sciennes primary school by  Sean,Brandon,Alba,Finn,Isha,Ivy,Ailsa,Tom,Danniel,Parzana and Pheobe. Dip your hand into the slime-filled box and pull out an egg and see what prize you will get.There are 5 golden tickets get one and you have won a big chocolate santa.It is £1 for 1 go.We will be in the new dining hall.There are other prizes in the eggs as well as the golden tickets.IMG_0168

Make £5 Grow With Virgin Money

P6C have become voracious young entrepaneurs these past couple of weeks as preparation for Sciennes Winter Fair are well under way. Thanks to Virgin Money for  kickstarting our businesses with £5 each to help grow into a (hopefully) huge profit for the school!