Month: October 2017

Chocolate fractions

Today P6B have been exploring fractions. We began with a little problem solving involving chocolate. The kids had the choice between sitting by table number 1, which had 1 bar of chocolate on it, table number 2, which had 2 bars of chocolate on it or table number 3, which had three bars of chocolate on it. One by one the children had to go into the classroom and decide which table to sit by based on the idea that: if the chocolate at your table was to be shared equally between the number of people at it, which table would you sit at to get the most chocolate?

In the end it worked out that 11 children sat at each table. We discussed how different it could have been and whether or not anyone would have altered their choice. I'm sure you could guess which two tables were rethinking their decisions! 🍫🍫🍫