Month: October 2017

Happy Halloween from Primary 6 🎃

Today has been a very busy day for Primary 6. We’ve been busy writing Halloween themed poetry with a focus on using similes and metaphors to create atmosphere. We’ve also spent time as a year group chatting about Benmore and taking part in our topic endpoint: the Euroquiz (results to be announced.) To finish the day we had a little carousel of Halloween activities: Halloween dancing and corners with Miss Rogerson, dooking for apples and a Halloween themed mars bar game with Miss McGrouther, and a game of ‘Halloween Beasts’ with Mr Hutchison.

Phew- time for a lie down!

An example of some AMAZING poetry writing by William Ewins, P6B.

Friday run in the sun.

Nina, Suzie, Sophia and Ivy are feeling refreshed after a nice sunny morning run around the meadows.

P6 continue to improve their fitness on the Friday mile as the weeks go by- keep up the super work kiddies.

(Thanks for the company Nina & Ivy!)

Awesome artwork in P6B

As part of our Europe topic the children looked at the work of two famous European artists: Monet and Kandinsky.

After using different resources to research and write about their lives, P6B produced their own versions of some Kandinsky and Monet inspired artwork, using different techniques and art resources to achieve their desired outcome.

Well done P6B, the work looks fabby!

Fractions Frenzy-Guess Who?

We have been learning about equivalent fractions and simplifying fractions in P6A and had a lot of fun using those maths skills to play an interactive game of Guess Who!

The children were given 8 fraction clues to solve; they either had to simplify the fraction or find an equivalent fraction and each answer told them a piece of information about the Mystery Person they were searching for. After lots of problem solving (and debating!) it was decided that all of the clues pointed to the Mystery Person “Alex”! The class are very excited to try out more fraction clues tomorrow and solve the rest of the Guess Who mysteries.

A P6’s guide to teaching …

The P6 Europe talks are now well underway. Today we heard from most of the children in Lauder and Sienna, and I was very impressed with the time and effort that has gone into preparing these talks.

I have also learned that one way to get the children’s attention during lessons is to offer chocolate for correct answers. Never have I seen P6B so attentive! Well done, Suzie. 😃

And a huge well done to everybody else who presented today.


Monet Masterpieces

As part of our Europe topic P6 have studied the artists Kandinsky and Monet, investigating their style of art and also writing biographies on these artists. Here’s a look at P6As marvellous Monet pictures inspired by his well known Waterlillies painting 

Spanish with P6B 🇪🇸

Today P6B have been practising their Spanish with the help of our resident expert, Alba. We were revising our basic introductions as well as responding to the questions:

¿Como te llamas?

¿Cuantos años tienes?

¿Donde vives?

¿Tienes un color preferido?

Creo que todos los niños estan estupendos! ❤️

Muchos gracias to all of the volunteers for helping with the videos, and to Alba who keeps us all right!

Problem solving in Primary 6.

This week Primary 6 were asked to work together to build a European landmark using only newspaper and masking tape. The children worked in mixed class groups to try to figure out the best way of achieving their goal. Miss Rogerson, Mr Hutchison and I are all very impressed with the finished products and with the perseverence shown by many.

Well done, P6!

STEM -Build a European Landmark

Across the classes Primary 6 took part in a “Build a European Landmark” challenge. The classes were mixed up and the children were able to demonstrate their fantastic team work and cooperative skills across the year group. The only objects the children had at their disposal were newspaper and sellotape – their creations were quite phenomenal!

A brilliant opportunity for the children to showcase their engineering skills, leadership qualities and their wonderful cooperation. Well done P6!

M&M Fractions

P6C enjoyed exploring fractions of a number yesterday with M&Ms! In pairs they were each given some of the sweeties and found out how many they had before then solving the fraction amount of each colour of M&Ms. After which they were tasked with (when possible) putting each fraction into it’s simplest form. Excellent work again P6 and you did especially well to avoid the added challenge of eating the resources!