Month: August 2017

Emotion Talks in P6B

Meet The Blobs. The Blobs can only feel one emotion and spend their days trying to make others feel their emotion. We have Happy, Sad, Surprised, Frightened, Disgusted and Angry Blobs.

From there we discussed mixed emotions and used our class novel, Wonder, as inspiration. Can you guess the emotion of the second batch of Blobs?

P6B Cycle Training- Week 1

Today P6B took to the streets to work on their on-road bike skills. They worked in small groups to develop their experience of junctions, hazards and how to signal when turning at a junction.

Fab job, P6B. Next week we'll be off on our adventures along the Innocent Railway.

A great start for P6

Two weeks in and P6 have made an excellent start to their year. On Tuesday all 3 classes took part in a mini athletics competition in the Meadows, where they signed up to 3 of 7 events including throwing, jumping and running options. The running events provided a super warm up ahead of our Friday mile, which the kids very enthusiastically.

Next week we will be kick starting our Europe topic as well as taking part in week 1 of cycle training. We look forward to many more fun activities and outings in the year ahead.

Buddies reunited

P3B and P6B were reunited this afternoon after a summer apart for a quick play. P6B are very much looking forward to spending more time with their buddies this year & had a lot of fun catching up with them today.