Month: October 2014

Perfect Pesto Dip!

As part of Food Focus Fortnight, P3B cut vegetables and made yummy pesto dip in our school kitchen. We enjoyed tasting the dips with all the different vegetables. Everyone was really adventurous and tasted vegetables they had never tasted before. Thank you to our lovely parent helpers- we couldn’t have done it without you!

Food Focus Fortnight

As part of Food Focus Fortnight, today P3c prepared a healthy snack in the kitchen. They carefully cut up a variety of colourful vegetables and made a pesto dip. Later, in class, we did a taste taste. We all tried something new and some of us even liked vegetables that we thought we didn’t!! 

Food Focus Fortnight Continues

Food Focus Fortnight continues with a slightly more healthy snack!!

P3A did an excellent job of preparing crudités and pesto dips.  They were hygienic and safe in the kitchen.  They worked well with a  group to prepare themselves a healthy snack.  We enjoyed tasting what we had prepared and many were very adventurous and tried things they previously thought they didn’t like as well as trying foods they had not heard of before.

Mums and Dads don’t be surprised if they would like to prepare it for you at home some time.
Master chef contestants of the future … pizza, crudités … what will we turn our hand to next?

Financial Education

Kieran’s mum came to work with P3B. The children worked in family groups to make and sell paper bags. Then the class worked out what each family could buy with the money they had earned. Thank you Diane, we had a brilliant time!


I hope everyone in P3C has a lovely holiday!

Unfortunately the projector wouldn’t work this afternoon so we have prosponed our pyjama and popcorn party the first Friday back.

See you all for P3C’s  Pizza Express visit on Tuesday 21st!

Harvest Assembly 3 Oct 2014

Harvest Assembly was fantastic at Sciennes Primary School mostly due to the brilliant Enterprise project the P3s ran.  They decided what they could offer and which group their skills best suited.  Then they carried out their roles.  Between them they inspired the whole school to make a staggering collection of food for the charity Foodbank.  We were delighted that Margaret Cochrane from Foodbank could come and see our collection and talk to us at Assembly.
Below is just a taste of the day.
Thank you P3s & well done!

Interactive maths in P3C

Today we worked with a partner or in a group to completed an activity that helped us consolidate our learning about numbers to 1000 and place value. We really enjoyed moving around the different games and activities with our friends.