P3A had a great day out at the farm.  The class like nothing more than an adventure, so took great delight in the ‘roller coaster’ scenic route that we took.
A very interesting journey with lots to see, so many farms en route and farm animals.
When we got to Hirsel Farm we enjoyed learning about the different things that they grow and what goes into certain products.  Children might try and tell you that Maltesers are healthy as they have malt in them, the adults can confirm that it was something like that the lady said!!!
We even went through a jungle! and ate corn that we picked and peeled from a cob in the field (no food miles in that). YUM!
Lunch was like a big picnic.
We also made apple scones, many of which I don’t think even made it home as they were too tempting.
What a wonderful day out.
Thank you to lovely mummies and granny who came with us.
Thank you P3 for a fun day.

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