Month: September 2014

Art in the Meadows

This afternoon we took advantage of the lovely weather. We used our hands to frame the trees above, we then sketched what we could see. How lucky are we having beautiful green space right on our door step? 


In P3C we are reading Matilda

. We are using this brilliant book to help us developing our understanding of VCOP. We have been thinking of describing words for the characters we know so far. 

Autumn Art in P3C

P3C enjoyed collecting some autumn leaves on a windy September afternoon. We took them back to class and painted them, we turned some fallen leaves into different animals and mini beasts including foxes and ladybirds. What do you think?

Harvest celebrations in P3C

In P3C we have been learning how different cultures and religions celebrate harvest. With a partner we did some research and then as a group made a most with lots of interesting facts and pictures. Miss Gallagher thinks they look great!

P3 Harvest Event

We believe that kindness is very important. We are lucky but we know that other people are not so lucky. Please help us to help them by putting a couple of extra things in your trolley when you are shopping. Please look at our list to see what to buy. We are collecting for Foodbank from Monday 22nd September to Friday 3rd October. Further information can be found at

Thank you Primary 3


P3A had a great day out at the farm.  The class like nothing more than an adventure, so took great delight in the ‘roller coaster’ scenic route that we took.
A very interesting journey with lots to see, so many farms en route and farm animals.
When we got to Hirsel Farm we enjoyed learning about the different things that they grow and what goes into certain products.  Children might try and tell you that Maltesers are healthy as they have malt in them, the adults can confirm that it was something like that the lady said!!!
We even went through a jungle! and ate corn that we picked and peeled from a cob in the field (no food miles in that). YUM!
Lunch was like a big picnic.
We also made apple scones, many of which I don’t think even made it home as they were too tempting.
What a wonderful day out.
Thank you to lovely mummies and granny who came with us.
Thank you P3 for a fun day.

P3 ready to do their bit for charity

What a great insight into the amazing work Foodbank, in Edinburgh, do to help those who don’t have enough food to eat in our own city.
Hector, Ella, JoJo and Aidan were great representatives of Sciennes P3 at the Foodbank warehouse where we had been invited for their open day.
We learnt a lot and are ready to inspire our classes as well as the whole school to give to this worthwhile cause.
We heard about what they do.  Saw the food that had been donated and even filled a crate for a ‘single’ to see what went in and how it was done.
An inspiring trip.