Month: September 2013

Lots of other interesting Victorian things.

After our lesson we went and found out all about Victorian home life.  We looked at an old range and the way clothes as well as people were washed.  We learnt that the baby was washed last and so we got the expression don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

P2A answered lots of questions and helped with some of the chores.  So Manow and Oliver are now familiar with ironing.  Jim can carry a big kettle.  Some children had a bath, cleanest first (Sarah) dirtiest last (Josh)! 
P2A enjoyed playing with some Victorian toys at the end.
First school trip for P2A and they were excellent.  Very well behaved on the bus and a pleasure to take out of school.  A big thank you to the mummy helpers.  Very enjoyable trip.

Sciennes – The Victorian School

P2 are really enjoying learning about the Victorians.  In fact some can’t believe how different things were then, no TVs, no computers, to be seen and not heard!

We are very lucky to be in a Victorian school building and P2A learnt a lot on their tour of the school with Mr Scott.  We went to all sorts of places that normally children and teachers don’t get to go.  What fun we had.

We are looking forward to going on our trip to the Victorian school next week.

No dunces hats needed for this class!

What great artists there are in P2A.

On Tuesday we went out and looked at the outside of our Victorian school building.  We did some observational drawings of key parts of the school.  Then today we drew the whole school building with special charcoal pencils.  Everyone worked very hard, thinking carefully about the various parts of the school.  Miss P can’t wait to get them up on the wall so that everybody can admire the artists’ work.

Even Farhaan, with a broken collar-bone using his left hand (normally uses his right).  Is he ambidextrous?

P2A have been working very hard at school.  They have been doing some work independently as well as working with partners at times.  They have shown that they can co-operate and share ideas and resources.  They have been working on literacy, remembering their sounds, words and reading.  While in maths they have been thinking all about numbers up to 20.  There is lots of other great learning going on especially with Health and Well-being.  
Keep it up P2A, Miss P is delighted.

We have even had a chance to enjoy books in the library.  We are looking forward to being able to take books out next time.