Seconds from Disaster P6A

Yesterday we spent our morning at the Museum for ‘Volcanoes: Seconds from Disaster’ workshop, linking to our topic work studying the impact of natural disasters on people and the environment. We were all given a specific role as a scientist, member of government or a member of the public to assume. Then we had to investigate and discuss what our plan of action would be in preparation for a volcanic eruption. Thankfully, our members of government took the scientists advice and evacuated the members of public in time!

Coordinates al fresco

We’re taking advantage of the gorgeous weather at the moment and decided to take our coordinates lesson outside. We were reminding ourselves of what we know by playing a game of connect four… with human counters!

Relax Kids

Thank you to Mrs Anderson for coming into our class yesterday to do a relax kids session. We learned about the importance of sleep, how to wake up our brains and we made bead bracelets that can be used as part of our mindful breathing exercises! The kids loved it!

Meadows Mayhem

A few images From Thursday’s Meadows Mayhem organised by the fantastic P7 sports and house captains . Well done everyone and don’t forget to sponsor! Thanks to all the parents who came out to support and count the laps!

Meadows Mayhem

Congrats to P6B who did brilliantly in the meadows; those weekly miles are really paying off. You should all be very proud of your efforts.

Thank you Mrs Christie and the sevens for organising and parents for supporting 🤩

P6B Class Economy

6B had a fab time spending their hard-earned money during our class economy afternoon on Thursday. They planned, organised and resourced the whole thing themselves and did a truly fantastic job.

So impressive kiddies. Well done 👏🏻

Algebra Board Games

P6A have been studying Algebra for the past two weeks and have done a brilliant job solving simple equations and solving and creating their own emoji riddles too! For the past two days we tried out some board games involving algebra- working in pairs or small groups the class created their own algebra board games and they got to try put each other’s game in class today!

Active Travel

Delighted to see P6C with 90% of the class actively traveling to school each day! We are now a Gold Living Streets Class! Moreover, we’re the most active class in the school! Keep up the good work!